Friday, September 7, 2012

Yet Another Tee Shirt Update!

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned before in my previous post titled: Blog Is Not Going To Be As Active, the reason I haven't been posting much is due to my being in high school and taking pretty much all honor's classes. I have homework every night and tests almost every day! Anyways, here's a post for today. It's not that exciting, but for those of you who love small details and updates I'm sure you'll like it.
The Spooky Phantoms Tee is out of stock once more. And once again the only tee shirt available for purchase at Animal Jam Outfitters is the Playful Panda Tee... What about tee shirts for people who don't like pandas, huh, Animal Jam? >.<


  1. LOLZ i do not like pandaz...........

  2. you are despicable if you don't like pandas (considering im obsessed with pandas and purple i.e my aj use is purplepanda2231 and my walls and floors are purple XD its not normal to be in 6th grade and have a panda obsession but im not normal XD)