Thursday, November 28, 2013

Celeste the Phantom Princess (A Phantom By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet)

Haha, you guys might remember this unfinished story... (It was unfinished because I couldn't think of any new ideas lol)

Anyways, I'm not updating it at the moment but I just saw it and thought, "why not post it for memory's sake?"

Enjoy the nostalgia. Breathe it in :D

Princess Celeste sighed deeply and remorsefully. She knew she wasn't supposed to feel this way, that she was supposed to feel gleeful and triumphant but instead she felt pathetic. Last night Celeste's father King Diablo went down in history. He had led the army that had brought down Zios the Sky Father, the mighty golden herring who created the universe. But to Celeste this wasn't a victory and in that moment, sitting in her royal bedchamber, she felt shameful of being a phantom. She was  a dirty, vengeful creature whose only goal in life was to create discord and destruction. Mira and her partner Zios had never caused the phantoms harm. If not for Mira they never would have been born! She had created them purely from her love for Zios. Where could she have gone wrong? Celeste didn't know. All she knew was that she didn't belong on this world and even though she wasn't the one who had slayed Zios she was still one of them.

Wait a minute! one half of her brain interrupted, stop beating yourself up! You're not the one to blame for any of this. Stewi was the one who left you, the one who turned his back on you. The only one to blame for the fall of Zios is one of their own. Stewi's the traitor, not you. It's all. His. Fault. Celeste stood up so fast she almost toppled out of her chair. "You're right!" she exclaimed aloud in response to her thoughts. Right then and there Celeste decided to enjoy herself. There was a victory banquet occurring later that day and she was going to make sure she was there. Enough with all this nostalgia and doubt. She was going to start acting like a queen because soon enough she would be one. Her mother Queen Talia, although young, had a rare chronic disease called Limbocco which caused phantoms to lose their limbs. Celeste and her mother, although polar opposites when it came to their personalities, were extremely close and Celeste had never allowed herself to acknowledge or accept that her mother's illness meant that she could drop dead at any moment, but today was different. Today was all about discoveries and recognition. Accepting that she was a phantom and could be nothing else, accepting that Stewi never loved her, that she never meant anything to him. But Stewi had meant the world to her…

*A long time ago*
It was a dark and stormy night, the perfect night for phantoms. Celeste was out enjoying the inclement weather. She was by herself (as usual). Celeste never was the socializing type but she guessed that was typical of phantoms. Anyway, she was feeling mighty daring so she decided to cross the Jamaa border. It was not an established rule that she couldn't cross it, but rather an instinct. Unlike her phantom brethren, she didn't enjoy stirring up trouble.

It was raining cats and dogs but Celeste was bouncing around on the air currents when all of a sudden there was a large, booming clap of thunder. Celeste stopped short. She loved the rain but she wasn't too fond of storms because she knew that if you're outside during one, things aren't looking too hot for you. Before she had time to react, a bolt of lightning shot down and struck her. As Celeste fell to the ground in pain she remembered stories of how there was a one in a millionth chance a phantom would ever be hit by lightning...

*Later that night*

Celeste's eye fluttered open. For a moment she didn't remember where she was or what had happened, but when she saw her blistered red flesh it all came back to her. Lightning. Falling. Blackness. Celeste tried to sit up but cried out in pain. Her left back leg hurt like a Mira feather! "Great. Just great. It's bad enough I was blasted out of the sky while I was just minding my own business. Now whoever is in charge of giving people broken/fractured bones in this universe just had to give me one." Since she couldn't move without immediate pain, Celeste decided to use her eye to scan her surroundings for danger and objects she could use for survival. She spied a few logs but they were all wet from the rain so she obviously couldn't use them to start a fire until they had dried out. (Luckily, phantoms had higher tolerance levels for temperature than most animals so although she wouldn't necessarily be comfortable, she wouldn't freeze to death.)

Princess Celeste twisted her head to the right and immediately cheered up. There was a makeshift tent fashioned from a tarp tied to a tree branch so at least she'd be sheltered from the rain. And who knew, maybe there'd be some supplies, such as food, under the tarp. Celeste was feeling a little calmer so she decided to take a closer look at her leg. She saw that it was inflamed but it didn't look bent abnormally or anything, so that was good. She definitely wouldn't be able to fly anytime soon but maybe if she rested a little and kept all manner of stress off of it, the leg would be able to at least support a small bit of  her weight so that she could drag herself over to the tent to check it out the next morning. Celeste closed her eyes praying that everything would be alright and that she'd soon be able to go home to her father King Diablo and her mother Queen Talia.

When she woke it was morning. The first thing she did was attempt to move her leg. It was still sore and raw, but definitely not as bad as last night. She turned over onto her stomach and tentatively began to pull herself along with her front legs, using her back right leg to sort of propel herself along. She made slow progress but eventually reached the tent. What she saw inside took her breath away. This tent seemed to be a permanent settlement and not just a temporary shelter someone had set up in the woods. There was a bed made of pine needles on the floor and a huge burdock leaf that held a humongous pile of blueberries. The bed of pine needles was still warm -- heat was emanating off of it and Celeste caught a whiff of something. She wasn't sure what it was but she could tell that the scent wasn't from one of her own kind.


  1. 'the princess of phantomia'shall work al the title

  2. "the phantom truth" thats what you should call it

  3. not all phantoms are bad shall be ok.

  4. Did you get the name 'celeste' from 'celestia?"

  5. When are you going to post the rest? I'm lucky i didn't read the end at night it was weird and gruesome.

  6. You are a really good writer, Sheesh4. I think you should right the story, then choose a title that summarizes the story.

  7. That story is great! i mean very very great! i'm sure the rest will be amazing, and you should choose a title that is:
    probably has Celeste's name
    hides a little bit out of the story
    not a too long title and not a too short title
    and again your story's great!

  8. When I first saw CELESTIA in the 1st entence I STARTED TO READ IT several times.For bronies and pegasisters /)

    1. It says 'celeste' not 'celestia'

    2. Ya ya,I give you a bro-hoof,but...

      It says "Celeste" not "Celestia". :/


  9. Cool story bro! Tell it again! ;)
    Hmm... what should the title be!? I'll think about it.

  10. Why not choose a dramatic title..
    dramatic titles attract people's attention.
    What I mean by 'dramatic' is like...
    You read Warriors by Erin Hunter?
    They have really interesting titles... like Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, New Prophecy, Ravenpaw's Path, SkyClan and the Stranger... they make people immediately want to look inside
    that's what I mean

    1. Yes I've read Warriors. And I like the titles but I don't think they're THAT dramatic.

    2. I'm not really a person from an english country.... I dunno how to describe it >.<

  11. Wowwww....nice story! And reading it is like reading one of Erin Hunter's novels.

    1. That's a great compliment. I love Warriors. :)

    2. i like your style!

  12. sighs. u dont post anymore! wails. pleas just make posts. I mean tiny posts. just posts. glitches and little things. sheesh i visit ur blog ever day im kinda upset cuz thr's nothing on It. WELL by.

  13. When will you finish the story? I am want to know what happend to her! Besides i know all phantoms aren't bad, Mira needs to learn to share idems and homes and parties with phantoms so they aren't so greedy, I am LulasSeal in AJ and i am part of the save the phantom squad my friend ClaraBunny is to

  14. The phantom king

    The phantom king lived a long time ago. All of the phantoms were hated by him but they had to like him or the king would throw them in the phantom prisen.
    One day the king said "I will start a war and they will see how powerful i am." So the king annonced. "Today a war will start, Fight untill you can't stand."
    But the other phantoms thought it was a joke.
    The phantoms cleared the room then the king shouted."GET BACK HERE YOU WORTHLESS PHANTOMS!!!"
    The phantoms stoped. They looked at the king.
    The king went back into the castle.
    The king went to bed and drempt of a war.

    *Later in his dream*

    The king roes a sword and the war begun. Phantoms were dieing as he watched.
    He had an evil laugh."MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA" The king laughed.
    "Soon all of the phantoms will die." Said the king.
    The king woke up.
    "Woah... that was a creepy dream." Said the king.
    "I geuss that there should be no war..." Said the king.

    1. Nice story!

    2. I really like the story and if you want to buddy me on aj or howrse or Moshi monsters or anything else my names possum0107 (I like use it on everything so it would be easy) and searching up the word before writing it is a useful strategy for spelling