Friday, October 5, 2012

What Can I Do To Make The Blog More Interesting?

Like the title says I need some ideas. As you all know I'm in high school and have a crapton of work. My weekdays are packed full of work and I have limited time. I can't get on the computer every day and sometimes I don't want to because maybe I want to read or watch a movie or something, y'know?
Anyways, I've pretty much been posting the Jamaa Journals and that's about it. I know people are getting really bored with the blog. And I am too. >.< I post way more in the summer and I know it's getting frustrating and annoying and you keep visiting my blog and -- whaddya know?! No new posts! Well, that's not really gonna change - I mean I'm not going to have a brand new awesome post every single day. But I am very aware that they're getting boring. I need ideas. What kinds of posts do you guys want to read? What kinds of things do you guys want? You've been complaining so please tell me what you want to see.


  1. well post about weird things u see in jamma! give opinions on stuff tooo....

    1. Hmm. Well thanks for the input. I'll see what other people think too. ;)

  2. see my blog it has so much weird stuff!

  3. and u can also post how to do glitches i wanna know camtain meville juice hut and jam furniture

  4. luv anonymous's idea! i've been super busy with school too. in fact, my mom said that i can work on my social studies project- i'm just typing stuff- and as i get, like, a paragraph done, i can do one little game or something as a reward. aaaaaaaanyway, here's what you need to do: SOME updates! you won't have to do EVERY LITTLE UPDATE EVERYDAY. just, like, when they do the thursday updates... isn't it every other week? just to add more posts and keep you busy or something.
    lineyluv who maybe changing her username soon and whos membership either has expired or will soon because she hasn't been on animal jam in ages.
    so bye!

  5. oh, pranav's idea is awesome too, i luv luv luuuuuuuuuuuv glitches! and is that an angry birds avatar? angry birds space?

  6. Sheesh4, I have an idea for you! Maybe you could change up the style of the blog, add polls and maybe create small mina blogs like an artwork blog or member blog.

  7. my opinion is that you should post about the daily items that come out in Jamaa also rares
    and then also journey book guides (if u want to)
    like snowyclaw's blog
    Her blog is reeeeeeally interesting and fun and awesome

  8. These are all really good ideas. Thing is I'm not going to be doing updates. That isn't for me. That isn't this blog. But I appreciate all the input.

  9. You could take print screen pictures of member animals seen as non members