Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bubble Chat Words & Phrases

Okay, well I thought I'd just make a list of the Animal Jam "Bubble Chat" words and phrases that are available to say. :P
Header words/phrases are basically the titles that create general categories for Animal Jam Bubble Chat. If you scroll over the header word/phrase you will see the available words/phrases that you can say relating to that general topic specified by the header word/phrase. Some of the header words/phrases, if you click on them, can also be said. Here is a key to the following post:
Can say title phrase - underlined and bold = can say
Can't say title phrase... - bold with ellipses = can't say

Can someone help me?
How can I help big cats?
What's new in Jamaa?
What is the News Crew?
How do I join the Club?
How do I chat?
How do I earn gems?
I need achievements!
Where are the games?
Where are the shops?
Where are the pets?

I can help you!
Visit the Museum!
Wristbands are online.
Read the Jamaa Journal.
Read the Daily Explorer.
Parents can sign you up.
Earn them by playing.
Look for a game icon.
Find them around Jamaa.
Find them on your map.
Follow me!

This is so cool!
Cool animal!
Awesome pet!
Great outfit!

Nice colors!
Rockin' den!
Sweet name!
I won!
You won!
Good game!

Animal Jam rocks!
Raccoons rock!
Monkeys rock!
Foxes rock!
Horses rock!
Crocs rock!
Tigers rock!
Pandas rock!

Rabbits rock!
Wolves rock!

Oceans are awesome!
Octopuses rule!
Penguins rule!
Turtles rule!
Dolphins rule!
Sharks rule!
Seals rule!

Pets are cool!
Turtles are cool!
Bunnies are cool!
Jellyfish are cool!
Snakes are cool!
Anglerfish are cool!
Seahorses are cool!
Hamsters are cool!
Butterflies are cool!
Frogs are cool!
Ducks are cool!
Kitties are cool!
Puppies are cool!

Let's go to...
the Jam Session!
the Paradise Party!
Kani Cove!
Bahari Bay!
Crystal Reef!
the Deep Blue!
Mt. Shiveer!
Coral Canyons!
Sarepia Forest!
Crystal Sands!
the Lost Temple of Zios!
Jamaa Township!
my den!
your den!

Party in...
Brady's Lab!
Tierney's Aquarium!
the Sol Arcade!
the Museum!
the Hot Cocoa Hut!
the Art Studio!
the Sarepia Theater!
the Canyons Pathway!
the Juice Hut!
the Pillow Room!
Club Geoz!

Let's shop at...
Treetop Gardens!
Den Depot!
the Sol Arcade Shop!
Epic Wonders!
Sunken Treasures!
Bahari Bargains!
the Museum Den Shop!
the Flag Shop!
the Shiveer Shoppe!
the Mystery Emporium!
Jam Mart Furniture!
Jam Mart Clothing!

Let's play...
Splash and Dash!
Falling Phantoms!
the Jamaa Derby!
Best Dressed!
Fruit Slinger!
Gem Breaker!
Wind Rider!
Temple of Trivia!
Spider Zapper!

Rock Paper Scissors!
Tic Tac Toe!
Shell Game!
Four Gem!
a game!

Hi everyone!
Hey everybody!
What's up Jammers?
What's going on?
I have to go!
So long Jammers.
Bye everybody!
See you later!
I'm out of here.
Bye bye!

Thank you!
You're the best!
Thanks so much!
You're welcome!
Of course!


Me too!
No way.
No thanks.

Let's be buddies!
Want to be buddies?
You're my best buddy!
You are a great buddy!
I love my buddies!
My buddies are great!

Do you want to trade?
Trading in my den!
Trading party!
Let's trade!
That's a great trade!
Thanks for the trade!
Trading rocks!
I love trading!

Summer is here!

Summer is great!
I love the sunshine!
Jam on!
Come party with me!
Happy birthday!


  1. pets are awesome I have one cat one snake one turtle and more

  2. Um.. Sheesh. You said "Ellipses" Did you mean Eclipses?

  3. what is the chat where u can use numbers and short texet

    1. Yeah!! I do not really like people with Bubble Chat. It's just plain stupid. i NEVER use it. Because what if you needed to say that you sent a phantom gate?! and someone else BUTTS in and they get the item!!!! Restricted chat is a little better then Bubble Chat, but you have to say "Bedtime" insted of "Bed". But i have a lotta buddies with it, but i'm one of the ZILLIONS of non-mems with Free Chat.

      ~~ Nightmareshappen8 ~~

  4. If you make your own account with YOUR E-mail, you can go right ahead and set it to Free Chat. I made my account and then did some stuff and then went to the Parent Settings thingy and set my own free chat. all ya do is enter the E-Mail and the password It's EASY!
    ~~ Nightmareshappen8 ~~

    1. But isn't it for members only?
      Because I tried it... And it's didn't work
      since I'm non-member.