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Woman Be A Woman

Amazing poem about the women of today and what a real woman should be. I suggest you watch it!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dating Advice w/ Lucas (Fred) Video & Other Hilarious Vids.

Haha I just felt the need to share this. FUNNIEST THING. I LOVE LUCAS <3

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Beautiful Petrarchan Sonnet (Haha not really)

Oh you, who in these hilly eggs may find echoes of turkeys that I once doused my salad when I was coughing, when I was still in ballad this rhapsody you ate, that Tasmanian devil now chomp behind; if you yourself have had 3062 write to jog in the pretzel's extreme of stressful moon, smelly shoe, balanced between yucky nails, sweet love-in-a shell, I pray you'll ride and hammer and drill. There's music stands of me on every moth in town, and I know why; although I trip that speaker, speaker's not the deepest bull why I carry, nor even the coconut, but that yummy atom of molecule how it's all a fairy tale, all that we say, all that we jump to keep.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Zios Inspired By Incan Mythology

LOL look familiar?

I'm doing a project on the Incas for my AP world history class. The Incas were an ancient South American empire centered in modern-day Peru!

One of their main gods was Viracocha. He was the Creator God. He created the earth, moon, stars, planets, and people. He is associated with creation/civilization.

The fact that Animal Jam based Jamaa's central mythological figure off of Andean legends provides great context info. It might help us to see what other civilizations served as inspiration for Jamaasian culture!

Can you think of any?

Lucas and Jenny YouTube Videos, PrizeRebel (Free Prizes!)

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share something on YouTube:

Lucas and Jenny Videos

They are hilarious. If you didn't know, Lucas is the person who plays Fred in the Fred videos!


Aside from that, I'm doing PrizeRebel! I joined December 2010 but never really understood it. I'm still learning now but the great thing about PrizeRebel is that you can earn tons and tons of free prizes! No credit card required!! No parental supervision necessary!

You could earn everything from Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, Wizard101 memberships, Club Penguin memberships, video game consoles etc.

No Animal Jam membership unfortunately for you guys. But they do have the Panda Sidekix plushie as an available prize! Unfortunately it costs a lot of points, plus extra points due to shipping.

The link to the plushie:

Obviously the amount of points necessary correlates with the rarity/cost of the prize in real life. Some of my friends have gotten 3DS'!

It's not a scam and it's not rigged. PrizeRebel is able to provide the prizes because you win the prizes with points. And the points are won by filling out surveys or doing tasks for advertising companies and marketing people who want feedback and information and who in exchange sponsor PrizeRebel and enable it to provide the prizes for us, the users. As their FAQ states:

"We have advertisers who are looking for your opinion on new products or simply just to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation you will earn points which you can redeem for online game cards, prizes and MUCH MORE. To see a guide on earning points, go here."

Click here to sign up! That way you are referring me (because I told you about the site) and that means I get some free points!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Celeste the Phantom Princess (A Phantom By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet)

Haha, you guys might remember this unfinished story... (It was unfinished because I couldn't think of any new ideas lol)

Anyways, I'm not updating it at the moment but I just saw it and thought, "why not post it for memory's sake?"

Enjoy the nostalgia. Breathe it in :D

Princess Celeste sighed deeply and remorsefully. She knew she wasn't supposed to feel this way, that she was supposed to feel gleeful and triumphant but instead she felt pathetic. Last night Celeste's father King Diablo went down in history. He had led the army that had brought down Zios the Sky Father, the mighty golden herring who created the universe. But to Celeste this wasn't a victory and in that moment, sitting in her royal bedchamber, she felt shameful of being a phantom. She was  a dirty, vengeful creature whose only goal in life was to create discord and destruction. Mira and her partner Zios had never caused the phantoms harm. If not for Mira they never would have been born! She had created them purely from her love for Zios. Where could she have gone wrong? Celeste didn't know. All she knew was that she didn't belong on this world and even though she wasn't the one who had slayed Zios she was still one of them.

Wait a minute! one half of her brain interrupted, stop beating yourself up! You're not the one to blame for any of this. Stewi was the one who left you, the one who turned his back on you. The only one to blame for the fall of Zios is one of their own. Stewi's the traitor, not you. It's all. His. Fault. Celeste stood up so fast she almost toppled out of her chair. "You're right!" she exclaimed aloud in response to her thoughts. Right then and there Celeste decided to enjoy herself. There was a victory banquet occurring later that day and she was going to make sure she was there. Enough with all this nostalgia and doubt. She was going to start acting like a queen because soon enough she would be one. Her mother Queen Talia, although young, had a rare chronic disease called Limbocco which caused phantoms to lose their limbs. Celeste and her mother, although polar opposites when it came to their personalities, were extremely close and Celeste had never allowed herself to acknowledge or accept that her mother's illness meant that she could drop dead at any moment, but today was different. Today was all about discoveries and recognition. Accepting that she was a phantom and could be nothing else, accepting that Stewi never loved her, that she never meant anything to him. But Stewi had meant the world to her…

*A long time ago*
It was a dark and stormy night, the perfect night for phantoms. Celeste was out enjoying the inclement weather. She was by herself (as usual). Celeste never was the socializing type but she guessed that was typical of phantoms. Anyway, she was feeling mighty daring so she decided to cross the Jamaa border. It was not an established rule that she couldn't cross it, but rather an instinct. Unlike her phantom brethren, she didn't enjoy stirring up trouble.

It was raining cats and dogs but Celeste was bouncing around on the air currents when all of a sudden there was a large, booming clap of thunder. Celeste stopped short. She loved the rain but she wasn't too fond of storms because she knew that if you're outside during one, things aren't looking too hot for you. Before she had time to react, a bolt of lightning shot down and struck her. As Celeste fell to the ground in pain she remembered stories of how there was a one in a millionth chance a phantom would ever be hit by lightning...

*Later that night*

Celeste's eye fluttered open. For a moment she didn't remember where she was or what had happened, but when she saw her blistered red flesh it all came back to her. Lightning. Falling. Blackness. Celeste tried to sit up but cried out in pain. Her left back leg hurt like a Mira feather! "Great. Just great. It's bad enough I was blasted out of the sky while I was just minding my own business. Now whoever is in charge of giving people broken/fractured bones in this universe just had to give me one." Since she couldn't move without immediate pain, Celeste decided to use her eye to scan her surroundings for danger and objects she could use for survival. She spied a few logs but they were all wet from the rain so she obviously couldn't use them to start a fire until they had dried out. (Luckily, phantoms had higher tolerance levels for temperature than most animals so although she wouldn't necessarily be comfortable, she wouldn't freeze to death.)

Princess Celeste twisted her head to the right and immediately cheered up. There was a makeshift tent fashioned from a tarp tied to a tree branch so at least she'd be sheltered from the rain. And who knew, maybe there'd be some supplies, such as food, under the tarp. Celeste was feeling a little calmer so she decided to take a closer look at her leg. She saw that it was inflamed but it didn't look bent abnormally or anything, so that was good. She definitely wouldn't be able to fly anytime soon but maybe if she rested a little and kept all manner of stress off of it, the leg would be able to at least support a small bit of  her weight so that she could drag herself over to the tent to check it out the next morning. Celeste closed her eyes praying that everything would be alright and that she'd soon be able to go home to her father King Diablo and her mother Queen Talia.

When she woke it was morning. The first thing she did was attempt to move her leg. It was still sore and raw, but definitely not as bad as last night. She turned over onto her stomach and tentatively began to pull herself along with her front legs, using her back right leg to sort of propel herself along. She made slow progress but eventually reached the tent. What she saw inside took her breath away. This tent seemed to be a permanent settlement and not just a temporary shelter someone had set up in the woods. There was a bed made of pine needles on the floor and a huge burdock leaf that held a humongous pile of blueberries. The bed of pine needles was still warm -- heat was emanating off of it and Celeste caught a whiff of something. She wasn't sure what it was but she could tell that the scent wasn't from one of her own kind.

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Replied To Leaving Post

Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know I just replied to a lot of comments on my leaving post if you wanted to check that out. I visit AJ sometimes but not much. I'm still playing Wizard101 and watching a lot of Netflix. My 10th grade year is going to be crazy -- my classes are even harder than 9th grade (I take all AP) so there is no chance I'll be back to blogging. I do have a Twitter account called Sheesh4, so if you want, search me up and follow me. I don't tweet about AJ though. :P Anyway, that's about it.

This is almost positively going to be my last post, but I just wanted to let you know about those comments and give you a tiny update on my life this summer.

Love you all!! <3

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All good things come to an end

I don't know but I think I am going to shut down the blog. I have lost interest in Animal Jam and blogging. I have been doing it since August 2011... My e-mail is constantly filled with freaking spam comments from people who have no life and try to unsuccessfully post lame links to pathetic sites to boost who knows what. I love my fans and I've had a great time but I have new interests other than Animal Jam. Who knows -- I might quit AJ too... I play Wizard101 now. Feel free to contact me via my email. I won't delete the blog but I am going to stop replying to comments or looking at them and I won't post anything or update the newspaper archive. It's been a nice ride guys. Thanks for sticking with me. <33

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Juliaparker's Awesome Ruby the Rhino Story

Hey Jammers!

Haven't posted in a while. Here's a cool story that Juliaparker wrote and gave me permission to post! :)

Chapter 1
The savanna was desolate. Ruby sniffed the air, inspecting for signs of danger. It felt like just yesterday, when her mother had told her what all mother rhinos have to say, someway or the other. “It’s time for you to live on your own, now Ruby. Remember, I will always love you. Always.” Ruby was now on her own. Satisfied that there was nothing dangerous, she put her head to the ground to graze. She could hear every detail of the world around her, but she wasn't listening. Her mind had wandered from reality, onto her mother. Goodbye, mama. I will see you someday, I promise. That was when she heard the sound.

Chapter 2
It was like a shot. Ruby ran faster than her legs could possibly have run. She ran for about a mile, and then spotted a tree. Really? A tree? There aren't any trees around here, only shrubs, and even those are rare. Ruby pondered this, but kept running. She suddenly found herself in a dense forest. She stopped, and looked, when something occurred to her. Someone was calling her name.

Chapter 3
Sunlight filtered through the trees, and leaves dappled the ground. A warm breeze seemed to sing out to Ruby. A voice called her name. Ruby, I have come for you. It is time. A large, majestic crane soared down from the treetops. I am Mira, the mother of everything in Jamaa. That is where you will go. Jamaa. Ruby didn’t know what to say. She felt at peace, even though she should have been terrorized. An archway of trees stretched out before her. Not even hesitating, she walked through.

Chapter 4
A huge plain stretched beyond the horizon line. Trees, oceans, mountains frosted with snow, and grass. They all sang to her senses, thrilling her. Animals stood in the distance. She felt better than she ever had before. Go on, and meet the others, Mira’s voice urged. You will be a leader of Jamaa. You will create and sculpt a culture that will last longer than a lifetime. With those final words, Ruby walked out into the sunset, which washed the world in a warm glow. The whole of Jamaa was waiting for her, and all she wanted to do was explore it.

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New Graphics

Hey Jammers,

I found a new Animal Jam graphic! Please give credit to this blog if you take it. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Funny Picture

Darn it! No cars?! What has the world come to these days...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Graphic

Hey guys,

Found a new graphic on Everloop. If you post about it, maybe give me credit? Thanks. :)
Also it would be nice if you give it to a different blogger to let them know where you got it from because a lot of times things I find are used without credit and it annoys me.

Friday, March 29, 2013

New Sidekix Plushies!

Hey guys,

Animal Jam added new Sidekix plushies along with a 100,000 gem certificate! They also changed the pictures for 4,000 and 10,000 Gems Gift Certificates




New Code

In celebration of AJ reaching more than 10 million players they have released a new code: the uniquely named code "10million". Just enter 10million and you'll get a "10 Million Banner".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Updates

Hey guys,

I know I said I'd do a lot more posting. I know I am not but I am working behind the scenes updating pages with new information and pictures and making them look nicer. Take a look! I've updated My Animals, Codes, Jamaa Journal #32+ Archive, Bubble Chat Words and Phrases, and Animal Jam Achievements. Take a look! ;)

I have a lot more things I want to update or make. I'll probably do some this weekend.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Look & Some Blog Updates

Hey everyone!

That is if all of my fans haven't left me since I've been inactive on both the blog and Animal Jam for so long. >.<
Anyways, as you can see I changed the blog background! Do you like it or do you think I should switch back to the one I had before - the phantoms? Or should I just get a brand new look? Please comment with your thoughts!

Anyways, I think I'm going to get more active on the blog again! I'll probably do a lot of HTML stuff and designing and updating stuff. I'll try to finish my projects -- like the phantom story about Princess Celeste. I know some of you have been asking me to do that. ;P

Zios Phantom Necklace...

Hey guys,

In Jam Mart Clothing I discovered a sculpture of Zios. It has this thing around its neck and they kind of look like phantoms! Just thought I'd post about that. :P

New Graphic

Hey guys,

I was visiting another Animal Jam blog and I saw they had an awesome graphic that I've never seen. The blog is: Animal Jam Cheats and Codes by MisterChunkybuddy.
Click for larger size.

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Animal Jam iOS Rabbit Breeding App

First of all, if you have a blog or if you're going to let another blogger know about this info please give this site credit.

Okay, so I was surfing online for Animal Jam news and came across these 2 articles. They're pretty much the same except the first link kind of shortens the article:

Animal Jam just recently passed 10 million players! Wow! And they've only been going for a little less than three years!
Wow. Did you know that collectively Jammers spend more than 60,000 minutes of educational videos daily on Animal Jam? That's around 41 days worth of video!

- The new Sidekix plushies that Snowy posted about on her blog (credit goes to iPod4276) on THIS post have been confirmed that they are going to be made.
- Also slated for early 2013 is the first Animal Jam iOS app, “Tunnel Town.” A spin-off from the Animal Jam property, Tunnel Town features the Animal Jam rabbits and the Alpha Rabbit, Peck, and is set in a new 3D world. Players can breed new rabbit species to grow their community, dig their own burrows, and decorate and customize to their hearts’ content. From an underground palace to a cavernous hideout, the Smart Bomb Interactive team has provided all the tools necessary to let players’ imaginations run wild in this new interactive and dynamic landscape.

Another cool article I found. It provides some good  background info on Jamaasian culture:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to get pet effects

SSSSSnake - every 21st snake is a golden mouse.
Regular mouse = 1 gem
Golden mouse = 15 gems
At the interval of 15, 1 more mouse is added to the board. For instance from mouse 1-15 every time you ate a mouse one mouse would replace it making it so there would always be a total of 1 mouse on the board at any given point. Then after you eat mouse #15 2 mice will be on the board at any given point. Mouse #30, 3 mice will be on the board at any given point, etc;.
Pet Effects for Snake: Skulls float out of snake. The shape of the skulls is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your snake you need to eat 100 gold mice.

Disc Toss - every 25th disc is a golden disc.
Regular disc = 1 gem
Golden disc = 15 gems
Tips: You can either click your left mouse button to jump or you can click your space bar.
Pet Effects for Dog: Bones float out of dog. The shape of the bones is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your dog you need to catch 100 golden discs.

Ducky Dash - the interval in which golden ducks appear doesn't appear to be a set number. More like a set position.
Regular duck - 1 gem
Golden duck - 15 gems
Pet Effects for Duck: Eggs float out of duck. The shape of the eggs is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your duck you need to get 100 golden ducks.

Color of Pet Effects
Pet effects will be whatever color your pet's "Color 2" is. Since you can't change the colors of your pet once you buy it be sure that if you're going to try to get pet effects for your snake, dog or duck, that you have picked a color that you want your pet effects to be. Also, pet effects are only for the animal you got them on so if you wanted to design a different looking dog you'd have to get 100 of whatever thing the animal eats in its minigame all over again. You couldn't just transfer pet effects onto a new animal of the same type.

More posts on Pet Effects:
Got An Effect For My Dog Playing Disc Toss
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