Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17/13 - Jamaa Journal #78


  1. You so cool I am doing a play a and I need me at skitty512 and its called black n white or blade!! So I can't wait to be done send me a gram a jam to be in you need to be black and white or red not all red but very little like all black white stripes and most stuff wearing red not all. I hope you join it's going to be cool. If you look at my main snow leopard you will see how I have mine. Oh and I know where all of the hat places are the are at mt.shiveer, shaipa forast?and coral canyon path way and that's all I know of them. Have a good night (or day) and have a great time in animal jam or aj and have the best hat collection :) you are so cool later 🐱🐱🐯🐯🐧🐧🐰🐰 I like squares!!!!!!!!

  2. I've always liked Cosmo. I'll be sure to enter his hat contest! :)

  3. my favorite alpha is cosmo and im currently working on a hat to enter :) oh and have you noticed that the animals on aj when you look at them on someones profile they look a bit like clay 3d models you can see it mostly on the koala and bunny

    1. Nice eye! Yeah, AJ has changed the bunny and koala to 3D. I suspect they'll change all of the other animals to 3D as well. I personally like it. It makes them more smooth.