Monday, January 21, 2013


We are the phantoms, masters of discord
The giant phantom is our lord
The Day of the Phantoms is dedicated to us
A time for chaos, horror and distress

So beware, beware, animals of all kinds
For we will possess your minds
Our ghostly bodice, our eye of steel
If you think we have a heart, GET REAL

Our mere presence will curdle cream
We work together as a team
To destroy each and every one of you
So we can make you into a Jamaa stew

Mira, your founder, created us
Not on purpose, perhaps, but here we are nonetheless
Indeed, we’re alive and well, and plotting your demise
You may want to consider saying your final goodbyes

We will crush you all like bugs
And devour you like grubs
One by one, you all will fall
There is no one to help you, no one at all

Zios was the first, Mira will be next
And then, my friend, it’s you we’ll hex
For we are the phantoms, formed from tears
We are the source of all your fears


  1. Sheesh this is AMAZING!!!!!! I never knew u wrote poetry!!!!! You're even cooler than I thought u were.

  2. Gummibeargal not logged inFebruary 16, 2013 at 4:00 PM

    I wrote some Animal Jam poetry! With babyish themes, but still, I want to show them to you. I sent them to Animal Jam with my storage account, swirlaspark
    Jammers are nice, Jammers are kind
    All Jammers are one-of-a-kind
    Some Jammers scam, some Jammers steal
    These are the Jammers that don't appeal
    Want to be an epic Jammer? I'll show you, it's simple
    Be nice to others, now that's real cool!

    There once was a wolf named Blossom
    She had a rare, you see
    Everybody wanted it, "Please Blossom, please?"
    She kept it to herself and she wore it all the time
    She made other people feel bad because they don't have what she has
    Liza came to her den and said, "Blossom, why are you being mean?"
    Blossom apologized that day and her friends listened keen!
    We can learn from Blossom, yes, we all can
    Don't brag about your rares and all the stuff you have!

    I wish I could trade without being scammed
    I wish I could break the ice without giving up
    I wish I had the bravery of a lion and the heart of a wolf
    The smartness of a fox and the soul of a seal
    We all wish things, but do they come true?
    That all depends on the attitude of you.

    I am me
    You are you
    what makes us different?
    Why do you look like you?
    It's being unique
    It's inside us all
    It made me be me
    And you be you


    2. There was a jammer in Jamaa
      He said it looked fun so yeah

      He got a few rares by trading
      Then he started scamming

      Started sitting on the rare bridge
      He got the nickname "Midge"

      He got a spike
      Told newbies to get a hike

      One day a friend said
      "The rares are going to your head"

      He realized what he'd done
      He felt bad a ton

      Then buddies he started to accept
      Some rares he kept

      And it was a good day in Jamaa
      And they all celebrated with Mira! :D

      Like it? If you do, tell me! :3
      Like it?

    3. Lolz sorry for the extra "Like it?" XD

    4. I love poetry, and Sheesh4, you were ABSOLUTLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love poetry. I have done some in the past its really fun with all these words around us. Great work, Sheesh!


  4. What can i say they are amazing

  5. Cool i think you got talent!


  6. i make books in real life about my pets on animal jam and a zios one.PS>love the story

  7. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit was amazing

  8. twirlytree is my user name. those were..........AWESOME!

  9. Could I copy one of these poems for a contest? please

    1. Late response sorry! But sure, as long as you give credit to my blog.
      You can copy anything on my blog as long as you give me credit.

  10. once in jamma was a girl called ghostgirl530 and she called someonne to her den to be her king then a gir called adelina500 heard so she went too
    then when she arrived there ghostgirl530 was getting ppl to boss her aroungd and do rude things to her so adelina500 could not rezist and said angryli 'stop, put your selfs into me rigth now' then she contine'would u like it if someone done that to you ghostgirl530, no,no,you wont,so why u do it to me' she asked then blossom (the girl that was comanded by ghostgirl530 to boss adelina500 around) said you you thicked me me meee a lesson s lesson! the lesson was to not be rude to someone every time because when someone dose it to you ,you wont like it
    once this was achualy true guys if u like my story that was achualy true say ( yes i like it ) then u say why ! then buddy me on animal jam my user is ADELINA500 see ya on animal jam !

    1. Yeah, heres how it really went, i DID do the king thing, HOWEVER..... there was nobody named Adelina500 there. BUT..... there was a person that had wanted my Spike Collar that day that told everyone in Jamaa Township to report me. And her name was Adelina500, so infact you were the bully and i was simply a person trading. ITS CALLED A KINGDOM!!! THERE WAS A QUEEN AND KING BUT I ASSURE YOU THAT I WOULD NEVER BULLY ANYONE OR PUT ANYONE DOWN YOU THINK ITS FUN TO BE RARE TRY BEING ASKED OVER AND OVER FOR THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVEAWAY FOR NECKLACES!!! Don't say things about people that aren't true just because you want something that they have, rare or not, your great just the way you are. Being mean wont get you anywhere, so when you say that i am rude and mean because i have a spike that i don't want to give to you in fact just makes people not want to be around you. Some buddies are nice enough to gift/trade you rares because you really good friends. If you are mean to people like that, you will never get the rares you want.


  11. i play animal jam as kasuma84 im famous so ppl i will send good to ppl that send me aj Halloween stuff
    but if u do not have any Halloween stuff i do not mined any any stuff like rares


  13. Omg that Phantom poem was BEAUTIFUL! Except the Jammer stew??? And I never thought a Phantom would say GET REAL !
    Comment from roar856. (My username from animal jam)����

  14. My username is xxyaysawesomenessxx, and I am also making a phantom poem for the diamond challenge today. It is based off of the phantom poem above, but it is changed lots, so don't be so mad, please! As you can see, I think we all know that we're doing lots of poems, because in the comments, it shows of that! Anyway, that's not the point. I wouldn't want your nose out of joint! So I better say farewell to you all! Jam on, jammers!

  15. Heres an animal jam poem for everyone to read and enjoy/ Hope you ike!

    i once logged onto my laptop
    and browsed around the internet
    My computer lagged a ton
    but i didnt cry, and nor did i fret.

    I looked up a website
    and was suprised to see
    A site called Animal Jam
    right in front of me.

    I didnt mean to click on this,
    i thought in my mind
    But i signed up anyways
    being myself, being kind

    i heard a voice. It said,
    "welcome to animal jam"
    "plaese put on your info"
    But instead i put on the webcam.

    "Hey guys, its me.
    Back for another fun time
    Im here on a new site
    And today i feel like i wanna rhyme."

    I clicked on play,
    and i looked at the rules.
    "No scamming or hacking,
    and use the tools"

    Finally I was on,
    I was playing as a seal
    I kinda had fun
    But then i thought, is this real?
    Can it be im doing this?
    On this fun game?
    I called my friend, spoke my mind,
    and she said "same!"

    I remember when i joined this game,
    I was new in town.
    Now i have a ton of rares,
    and im a member all year round.

    Hope you liked my poem! Thanks for reading all o' this!

  16. I am a fabulous panda
    I live in a fabulous den
    I've seen that rhino 3 times
    And I hope that I see her again

    At the party you will find me dancing
    To the fabulous tunes
    Over there, that deer is prancing
    While watching llama trauma cartoons

    Aj is the best game
    And I can play with my friends
    All the members are earning fame
    I hope my nonmember streak will end

    I love to play best dressed
    To earn a lot of gems
    When I'm done I'll come back later
    So I can play Aj again