Monday, February 11, 2013

Cool Facts

Once again, full credit goes to SparkLife

  • When placed in warm milk, raisins re-plump into grapes.
  • The metal backs of iPods are made from recycled zippers.
  • Eskimos don't believe in bridges or tunnels.
  • Every sixteen minutes, someone named Richard dies.
  • Billy Bob Thornton's grandfather was the first person to own a television.
  • Dolphins kill more people annually than sharks and influenza combined.
  • On a dare, former President Rutherford B. Hayes declared war on Chile for 17 minutes.
  • The original title for Catcher in the Rye was Hey, Look, a Carousel!
  • Professionals call the top socket on an electrical outlet the "Martha," and the bottom socket the "Jasmine."
  • In the archives at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., there are two identical snowflakes preserved in a freezer.
  • Three out of every ten nickels has been in someone's mouth.
  • If you hold one nostril closed for 72 hours, you will slowly lose the ability to see color. (Your sight will instantly return to normal when you release your nostril.)
  • Wave a magnet at the lower left corner of a vending machine to receive a free soda.
  • The glossy paper from the backs of stickers can be used to soothe sunburn.
  • To be a train conductor, you have to cut off one of your own toes during a loyalty ritual.
  • The Z in Jay-Z's name stands for "Zeppidemus."
  • Jean shorts were invented three weeks prior to the invention of regular jeans.
  • Whispering instead of talking on cell phones saves significant battery power.
  • In Austria, the traditional Christmas colors are not red and greed, but purple and clear.
  • Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase "Baby Mama" in a satirical poem published in Poor Richard's Almanac.
  • If you take the first letter of each word in the Monopoly board game instruction manual, they spell out an X-rated sentence.
  • The original name for the laptop computer was "Hinged Smart Slab."
  • The average person inhales 3 pounds of spider webs in his or her lifetime.
  • When first introduced to the public, plastic laundry baskets cost $75 each.
  • Winnie the Pooh started out as a non-fiction account of mental illness.
  • Reading backwards for twenty minutes burns the same amount of calories as walking a half-mile.
  • The Q in Q-tips stands for "quantum," as the small bit of cotton on the tip contains more atoms than the entire human body.
  • Revolving doors were first invented as a way to keep horses out of department stores.
  • Peru and the moon weigh the same amount.
  • Human beings and anteaters are the only animals that can snap their fingers.
  • If you soak a baseball hat in coke, and then let it dry on someone's head, over a 3-hour period the hat will shrink with skull-denting force, causing intense pain and irreparable damage.
  • Clouds cannot travel south southwest.
  • In sign language, there are 72 ways to say "drawbridge."


  1. why does animal jam keep going offline? it was offline for over 3 hours yesterday. I come home from school, get on, play for about 25 minutes. I have to refresh and when I do it went offline. Is the same thing happening to you sheesh4? or anyone else?

  2. woah that is soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this page lol i kept on going like WOAH or OMG or WOOOOOOOOOW! XD

  3. The link where all of these were :P I think SparkleLife got them off of here hehe!


  4. Waitt..SparkleLife isn't a person..? I am sooo LOST.


  5. oMG hase anyone seen the Animal Jam login today it is new >> omg it's so weird D :

  6. The dolphin one is not true along with the Smithsonian one.

    1. They may seem wild but you can't say they're not true until you see it. :P

  7. Im Thinking About trying the nose thing :D

  8. i want to try the reading backwards one

  9. Im gonna try the reading backwards one and the vending machine one XD

  10. i want to try the vending machine one but there's no vending machine around where i live D: