Friday, March 29, 2013

New Sidekix Plushies!

Hey guys,

Animal Jam added new Sidekix plushies along with a 100,000 gem certificate! They also changed the pictures for 4,000 and 10,000 Gems Gift Certificates




New Code

In celebration of AJ reaching more than 10 million players they have released a new code: the uniquely named code "10million". Just enter 10million and you'll get a "10 Million Banner".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Updates

Hey guys,

I know I said I'd do a lot more posting. I know I am not but I am working behind the scenes updating pages with new information and pictures and making them look nicer. Take a look! I've updated My Animals, Codes, Jamaa Journal #32+ Archive, Bubble Chat Words and Phrases, and Animal Jam Achievements. Take a look! ;)

I have a lot more things I want to update or make. I'll probably do some this weekend.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Look & Some Blog Updates

Hey everyone!

That is if all of my fans haven't left me since I've been inactive on both the blog and Animal Jam for so long. >.<
Anyways, as you can see I changed the blog background! Do you like it or do you think I should switch back to the one I had before - the phantoms? Or should I just get a brand new look? Please comment with your thoughts!

Anyways, I think I'm going to get more active on the blog again! I'll probably do a lot of HTML stuff and designing and updating stuff. I'll try to finish my projects -- like the phantom story about Princess Celeste. I know some of you have been asking me to do that. ;P

Zios Phantom Necklace...

Hey guys,

In Jam Mart Clothing I discovered a sculpture of Zios. It has this thing around its neck and they kind of look like phantoms! Just thought I'd post about that. :P

New Graphic

Hey guys,

I was visiting another Animal Jam blog and I saw they had an awesome graphic that I've never seen. The blog is: Animal Jam Cheats and Codes by MisterChunkybuddy.
Click for larger size.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Animal Jam iOS Rabbit Breeding App

First of all, if you have a blog or if you're going to let another blogger know about this info please give this site credit.

Okay, so I was surfing online for Animal Jam news and came across these 2 articles. They're pretty much the same except the first link kind of shortens the article:

Animal Jam just recently passed 10 million players! Wow! And they've only been going for a little less than three years!
Wow. Did you know that collectively Jammers spend more than 60,000 minutes of educational videos daily on Animal Jam? That's around 41 days worth of video!

- The new Sidekix plushies that Snowy posted about on her blog (credit goes to iPod4276) on THIS post have been confirmed that they are going to be made.
- Also slated for early 2013 is the first Animal Jam iOS app, “Tunnel Town.” A spin-off from the Animal Jam property, Tunnel Town features the Animal Jam rabbits and the Alpha Rabbit, Peck, and is set in a new 3D world. Players can breed new rabbit species to grow their community, dig their own burrows, and decorate and customize to their hearts’ content. From an underground palace to a cavernous hideout, the Smart Bomb Interactive team has provided all the tools necessary to let players’ imaginations run wild in this new interactive and dynamic landscape.

Another cool article I found. It provides some good  background info on Jamaasian culture:

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to get pet effects

SSSSSnake - every 21st snake is a golden mouse.
Regular mouse = 1 gem
Golden mouse = 15 gems
At the interval of 15, 1 more mouse is added to the board. For instance from mouse 1-15 every time you ate a mouse one mouse would replace it making it so there would always be a total of 1 mouse on the board at any given point. Then after you eat mouse #15 2 mice will be on the board at any given point. Mouse #30, 3 mice will be on the board at any given point, etc;.
Pet Effects for Snake: Skulls float out of snake. The shape of the skulls is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your snake you need to eat 100 gold mice.

Disc Toss - every 25th disc is a golden disc.
Regular disc = 1 gem
Golden disc = 15 gems
Tips: You can either click your left mouse button to jump or you can click your space bar.
Pet Effects for Dog: Bones float out of dog. The shape of the bones is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your dog you need to catch 100 golden discs.

Ducky Dash - the interval in which golden ducks appear doesn't appear to be a set number. More like a set position.
Regular duck - 1 gem
Golden duck - 15 gems
Pet Effects for Duck: Eggs float out of duck. The shape of the eggs is always the same but the color depends on Color 2 of your pet. Color 2 is basically the second color (not the base color). To get a pet effect for your duck you need to get 100 golden ducks.

Color of Pet Effects
Pet effects will be whatever color your pet's "Color 2" is. Since you can't change the colors of your pet once you buy it be sure that if you're going to try to get pet effects for your snake, dog or duck, that you have picked a color that you want your pet effects to be. Also, pet effects are only for the animal you got them on so if you wanted to design a different looking dog you'd have to get 100 of whatever thing the animal eats in its minigame all over again. You couldn't just transfer pet effects onto a new animal of the same type.

More posts on Pet Effects:
Got An Effect For My Dog Playing Disc Toss
All About Pet Effects

Updating Achievements List

Hey guys.

I'm updating my achievements list with newer achievements. Also I think I'm going to add whether each achievement is a trophy, ribbon or badge. And if you were having trouble getting the "Phantom Catcher!" achievement in Hedge Hog (Animal Jam said you have to catch 100 phantoms) that's because they messed up. They meant 1,000 and typed 100 by accident. Trust me, I had been wondering what the heck was going on because I knew I had caught 100 phantoms a long time ago -- I even counted them. I caught 100 in one game just to make sure and I didn't get my achievement.  I was playing today just to see if today it would work and it did. But that's not because they fixed a glitch or anything -- it was just because it was 1,000 phantoms, not 100. Just thought I'd let ya know.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Video Plaque

Hey guys,

I saw a Jammer in the Lost Temple of Zios named kikifox07. They had a "Video Plaque" on trade. As far as I know Animal Jam has never mentioned a video plaque. Here's some pictures LOL.

According to kiki, he got it by trading. :/ He didn't say who he traded.

Animated Items Preview

Hey guys,

I just discovered that if you click on the items in the close-up view you can see what they do without having to buy them first or go to another Jammer's den who already bought said item. It's awesome and I never knew about this feature before.
For instance, if you click on this it is animated so you can eat it.

More On Epic Dens, Idea

Hey guys,

I have some more stuff about Epic Dens. First of all, I've been on Epic Dens for a really long time! Like 3-4 hours! As far as I recall AJ usually changes them sooner than than. I'm not sure what the specific interval is but I guess it's around one hour.

Also, I've discovered that someone on Epic Dens has a locked den. I remember that AJ said that one of the requirements for getting on Epic Dens was that your den has to be unlocked. I guess this person locked their den after they got on Epic Dens... That's the mostly likely guess because as I mentioned before, locked dens aren't supposed to be on the Epic Dens list. Maybe they locked their den because they're the first person on the list and those people's dens often get crowded the most.

Edit: Said person just unlocked their den. >.<

Oh, also maybe people who get on Epic Dens can get a plaque! It would encourage people to spend more time in their dens, decorating them and showcasing their personality. It wouldn't have to matter about rares -- there are plenty of epic dens that have just regular items!

I'm On Epic Dens

Hey guys,

I'm on Epic Dens again! It's been awhile, though. See, I was trading items to my storage account and so when I came back to my den I saw tons of random dudes in it. So I thought either a group of random peeps decided to come to my den or... the more logical option -- I'm on Epic Dens! So I checked and I am! Just thought I'd share that with you all. >.<

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Access Jammer's Player Card From Jam-A-Gram, Cool Den

Hey guys,

You may or may not have known this already but I just figured it out today! LOL. You can click on the name of the Jammer who sent you a Jam-A-Gram to access their Player Card!

Also, Sas65 has a cool den thing: