Friday, March 15, 2013

More On Epic Dens, Idea

Hey guys,

I have some more stuff about Epic Dens. First of all, I've been on Epic Dens for a really long time! Like 3-4 hours! As far as I recall AJ usually changes them sooner than than. I'm not sure what the specific interval is but I guess it's around one hour.

Also, I've discovered that someone on Epic Dens has a locked den. I remember that AJ said that one of the requirements for getting on Epic Dens was that your den has to be unlocked. I guess this person locked their den after they got on Epic Dens... That's the mostly likely guess because as I mentioned before, locked dens aren't supposed to be on the Epic Dens list. Maybe they locked their den because they're the first person on the list and those people's dens often get crowded the most.

Edit: Said person just unlocked their den. >.<

Oh, also maybe people who get on Epic Dens can get a plaque! It would encourage people to spend more time in their dens, decorating them and showcasing their personality. It wouldn't have to matter about rares -- there are plenty of epic dens that have just regular items!


  1. You are awesome! I love this site!

  2. i find those all the time.. i dont understand whats up with it im going to email aj hq .-.

    happy birthday xD