Friday, March 15, 2013

Video Plaque

Hey guys,

I saw a Jammer in the Lost Temple of Zios named kikifox07. They had a "Video Plaque" on trade. As far as I know Animal Jam has never mentioned a video plaque. Here's some pictures LOL.

According to kiki, he got it by trading. :/ He didn't say who he traded.


  1. Wow first comment :) anyways, I love plaques and I would love to look into that one!

    -- lolttylomg

  2. ooh i know how to get one!!!! Well, according to AJHQ's help section of their website... You can get a video plaque if you ask a question to either Dr. Brady Barr or Dr. Tierney Thys and if they make your question into a video then you get a plaque! :D EXP... What are dogs? ... 2 days later... NEW VIDEOS IN BRADY'S THEATER..... What are dogs? (video)..... you log in .... present....plaque! :D
    I hope me helped

  3. Wow, you're right! I guess I just didn't notice it since the picture of it on their help page is screwed up.

  4. I got a Howl Plaque from trading. Its pretty cool! But.. I had to trade 2 Epic Wonders items for it .-.

    1. I got SCARY BAT WINGS for my Howl Plaque! I was so excited!

  5. i have a video plaque and its apparently very rare so far mine is from kiki and its by far the first one i have ever seen and by my guess so far there is aproximently 3 out there i know how to get them and by how u get them i estimate there is either 3 of them or less for any more help contact meon animaljam @ becca1205