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Juliaparker's Awesome Ruby the Rhino Story

Hey Jammers!

Haven't posted in a while. Here's a cool story that Juliaparker wrote and gave me permission to post! :)

Chapter 1
The savanna was desolate. Ruby sniffed the air, inspecting for signs of danger. It felt like just yesterday, when her mother had told her what all mother rhinos have to say, someway or the other. “It’s time for you to live on your own, now Ruby. Remember, I will always love you. Always.” Ruby was now on her own. Satisfied that there was nothing dangerous, she put her head to the ground to graze. She could hear every detail of the world around her, but she wasn't listening. Her mind had wandered from reality, onto her mother. Goodbye, mama. I will see you someday, I promise. That was when she heard the sound.

Chapter 2
It was like a shot. Ruby ran faster than her legs could possibly have run. She ran for about a mile, and then spotted a tree. Really? A tree? There aren't any trees around here, only shrubs, and even those are rare. Ruby pondered this, but kept running. She suddenly found herself in a dense forest. She stopped, and looked, when something occurred to her. Someone was calling her name.

Chapter 3
Sunlight filtered through the trees, and leaves dappled the ground. A warm breeze seemed to sing out to Ruby. A voice called her name. Ruby, I have come for you. It is time. A large, majestic crane soared down from the treetops. I am Mira, the mother of everything in Jamaa. That is where you will go. Jamaa. Ruby didn’t know what to say. She felt at peace, even though she should have been terrorized. An archway of trees stretched out before her. Not even hesitating, she walked through.

Chapter 4
A huge plain stretched beyond the horizon line. Trees, oceans, mountains frosted with snow, and grass. They all sang to her senses, thrilling her. Animals stood in the distance. She felt better than she ever had before. Go on, and meet the others, Mira’s voice urged. You will be a leader of Jamaa. You will create and sculpt a culture that will last longer than a lifetime. With those final words, Ruby walked out into the sunset, which washed the world in a warm glow. The whole of Jamaa was waiting for her, and all she wanted to do was explore it.

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New Graphics

Hey Jammers,

I found a new Animal Jam graphic! Please give credit to this blog if you take it. :)

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New Funny Picture

Darn it! No cars?! What has the world come to these days...

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New Graphic

Hey guys,

Found a new graphic on Everloop. If you post about it, maybe give me credit? Thanks. :)
Also it would be nice if you give it to a different blogger to let them know where you got it from because a lot of times things I find are used without credit and it annoys me.