Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/30/13 - Jamaa Journal #88


  1. Whenever i go there i see the rare people complaining that they want to be rarer than everyone again, people say ajhq scammed our money, didn't the money for the gift cards go to the store? think about the people who cant get them or find them. Im so happy about this update 1. Because i can finally get the artic wolf that i could never find at stores. 2.i can finally get my tail armors and legends that got scammed i can get em back by buying them. 3.i always wanted a thunder cloud and now i can get one. 4.The rare peoplecan no longer brag about how rare they are (there flipping pixels!!! they wont get you anything! and no offense to the rare people who dont brag) i am high enjoying this update.

  2. Rocat47 I am to I hate the braggers to!
    I'm glad for the update also~

  3. I don't see the point in bragging saying you're "rare." That makes you instantly a victim for scammers, because they always want rares. So if you're rare, share it only with your BFF that you TRUST!!! Don't scam or be scammed, BE SMART!!
    Luck to all of you,
    Nightmareshappen8 (or Nonz7)