Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Semi-Monthly Featured Songs!

Hey guys,

Just for fun I'm gonna update this post with links to some YouTube songs!! They won't be all those cliche songs that you start hating after a while. :P Comment if you want and tell me if you liked the song(s)!

Next 9 songs
  1. PINK CHAMPAGNE by Ariana Grande Cute, bubbly song. Nice hook. I'm not really an Ariana fan (no offense to anyone. She has a nice voice, but she's just too girly, too perfect), but it's a great song!
  2. TAKE OR LEAVE IT by Cage The Elephant
  3. CHASING THE SUN by The Wanted
  4. BLUE MORNING, BLUE DAY by Foreigner
  5. SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT by Corey Hart
  6. SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS) by Eurythmics
  7. CAN'T SAY NO by Conor Maynard
  8. ANIMAL by Conor Maynard
  9. DISTURBIA by Rihanna Whatever you do, DON'T watch the music video. It's the freakiest thing ever. She spazzes like she's possessed and there's freaky piano music. Fortunately, I gave you a link to a lyrics video which does not include the creepy piano or Rihanna's diabolical choreography ;)
Next 9 songs
  1. TALK DIRTY by Jason Derulo Funky saxophone awesomeness.
  2. BITTER by Atmosphere Eminem-sounding, but nice beat, different, cool lyrics.
  3. HEY YA! by OutKast Funky beat, catchy song
  4. LOVE DRUNK by Boys Like Girls Really awesome, catchy, boy-band song. Kind of like The Killers' Somebody Told Me
  5. THUNDER by Boys Like Girls
  6. CHASING CARS by Snow Patrol
  7. HEY GIRL by Billy Currington
  8. LOVE ME AGAIN by John Newman
  9. DEMONS by Imagine Dragons
Next 5 songs
  1. SHE WOLF by Shakira A note: lots of cleavage and, uh, lower body.. (it's Shakira.. What do you expect XD).
  2. WHENEVER, WHEREVER by Shakira
  3. LOVE DON'T DIE by The Fray
  4. LIKE ME from Teen Beach Movie
  5. CAN'T STOP SINGING from Teen Beach Movie
Next 3 songs
  1. EMPIRE STATE OF MIND (COVER) by Greyson Chance Truly amazing. :)
  2. HEART LIKE STONE by Greyson Chance Very mysterious-sounding.
  3. TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW by Greyson Chance
Next 6 songs
  1. SECOND CHANCE by Shinedown One of my fav songs!!!
  2. THE MONSTER by Eminem ft. Rihanna
  3. DARK HORSE by Katy Perry
  4. ADORE YOU by Miley Cyrus
  5. YOU FOUND ME by the Fray Amazing song :) Lots of piano. You'll love it.
  6. HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by the Fray Amazing song :) Piano. Can really hear his voice. Great melody.
Next 3 songs
  1. WHAT ABOUT LOVE by Austin Mahone It's a really good song! I think it's pretty unique. I mean, I haven't heard a pop song on the radio like it lol. If you've already heard this song, sorry! I don't think everyone knows about Austin Mahone though, do they???
  2. BLUE (DA BA DEE) by Eiffel 65 Just a fun, cool funky song. I normally would never have ever searched for this type of song. Friend posted the link. It's from the album "Europop" to give you an idea of what it sounds like.
  3. HAPPY by Pharrell Williams Love this song. Lighthearted, jazzy, fun. HAPPY XD
Next 2 songs
  1. CAROL OF THE BELLS Just a cool song that is very Christmasy
  2. I GET AROUND by The Beach Boys Haha, self explanatory. The Beach Boys are awesome, especially this song!!!
Next 2 songs
  1. CHEYENNE by Greyson Chance No description necessary <3
  2. HOME IS IN YOUR EYES by Greyson Chance (I couldn't find an unpitched version on YouTube unfortunately!)
Next 3 songs
  1. SUMMERTRAIN by Greyson Chance No description necessary <3
  2. HOLD ON 'TIL THE NIGHT by Greyson Chance No description necessary <3
  3. SUNSHINE & CITY LIGHTS by Greyson Chance No description necessary <3
Next 5 songs
  1. UNFRIEND YOU by Greyson Chance Original song. :D I really like it! I'm sure you will too, because it has a great beat & great vocals courtesy of Mr. Chance... Kind of has a Demi Lovato feel to it, I guess! Like "Give Your Heart A Break," except Greyson released "Unfriend You" before Demi released "Give Your Heart A Break."
  2. PAPARAZZI (COVER) by Greyson Chance Cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi! Greyson was just 12 when he performed/sang it at a fundraiser for his local church.
  3. GET AWAY by Mitchel Musso
  4. EMPTY by Mitchel Musso
  5. 21ST CENTURY GIRL by Willow. Fun & catchy song ;) In case you didn't know, Willow Smith is the daughter of the famous actor, Will Smith!
Next song
  1. WINDOWS DOWN by Big Time Rush Sooo catchy.
Next 3 songs
  1. ODD MAN OUT by Mitchel Musso <33333
  2. 24/SEVEN by Big Time Rush Just found this today! Great beat, very catchy! :D
  3. READY TO GO by Panic! At The Disco The catchy, funky beat you can expect from this band. LOVE THEM, as you guys know. ;P
Next 8 songs
  1. HERO by Drew Ryan Scott (he sung all of Sterling's music in the film that "Hero" is from) <3 He has the most amazing voice in the world. Out of any video I have ever listed, this guy breaks the scale and shoots it up to the moon.
  2. HANGING by Sterling Knight
  3. KANGAROO COURT by Capital Cities Great song and great music video! Cool techy beat!!! Trust me guys, you'll love it ;)
  4. TRUTH OR DARE by Emily Osment Amazing song. Another of my favorites! Funky, fast-paced, and will get stuck in your head! It's kind of Jewish(y) music; I don't know how to describe it. It's not religious at all, but it has the sound of Jewish music.
  5. FOLLOW ME NOW by Alvin & The Chipmunks
  6. ARE YOU SLEEPING by Harry Nilsson It's an older song (not pop) but it's still got an awesome tune!! Try it. I think you guys might like it :) It's part of the soundtrack for a great, old movie called The Point, whose narrator was Ringo Starr!
  7. COME BACK MY LOVE by Mitchel Musso
  8. QUICKSAND by Bridgit Mender Beautiful song, but that's what's to be expected from Bridgit. No auto-tuning. Nothing. This girl can sing. Her acoustic versions are 8x better than her original songs :P
Next 4 songs:
  1. HURRICANE by Panic! At The Disco! What can you expect from such a talented, unique band?! Love them. They are so quirky and awesome and they come up with the best melodies and the most intellectual and weird lyrics ever.
  2. ONE STEP CLOSER by the talented Shane Harper This song has a melody, like Bruno Mars' "Count On Me" tone or Jason Mraz. It's great and fun!
  3. HASTA LA VISTA by Camp Rock Awesome. Found it randomly on Spotify and immediately fell in love with it. Great, funky techno.
  4. DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL by Jesse McCartney Haha it's just awesome. Jesse has such a great voice. Don't play this song to protective fathers :P
Next 2 songs:
  1. DEJA VU by 3OH!3 Awesome beat in my opinion. Cool techno-ish awesomeness. :) Might be a little inappropriate (in terms of lyrics, not visuals). No swears
  2. HEART ON FIRE by Jonathan Clay One of my favorite songs! It's awesome and upbeat! I'll never get tired of it.
First 3 songs:
  1. SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW by Keane British music :P What's not ta love
  2. ROCKETSHIP by Shane Harper
  3. POSSIBILITY by Tiffany Alvord Song about unrequited love - crushes. Sad. Maybe you guys can relate? ;p



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  5. Hey Sheesh4!! "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City is a awesome song! Check it out plz!

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  7. One of the catchiest songs to me, ever, is Tongue-Tied by Grouplove. I don't even know if it's that good of a song - but it has an amazing beat and aura around it.


    1. lol it's an okay song.. but i'd get annoyed with it after a while.

  8. I like these songs =3

  9. Ooh ooh! The Spongebob Squarepants "Jellyfishing Song" is awesome. Jelly elly elly jelly this is the jellyfishing song *clap*! Jelly elly elly jelly, everyone sing along *clap*!

  10. love the big time rush ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love The Fray and Keane too!

  12. I know some of these songs :D also can u give me some tips on making blogs please, im a begginer

  13. I liked Happy....
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