Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lucas and Jenny YouTube Videos, PrizeRebel (Free Prizes!)

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share something on YouTube:

Lucas and Jenny Videos

They are hilarious. If you didn't know, Lucas is the person who plays Fred in the Fred videos!


Aside from that, I'm doing PrizeRebel! I joined December 2010 but never really understood it. I'm still learning now but the great thing about PrizeRebel is that you can earn tons and tons of free prizes! No credit card required!! No parental supervision necessary!

You could earn everything from Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, Wizard101 memberships, Club Penguin memberships, video game consoles etc.

No Animal Jam membership unfortunately for you guys. But they do have the Panda Sidekix plushie as an available prize! Unfortunately it costs a lot of points, plus extra points due to shipping.

The link to the plushie:

Obviously the amount of points necessary correlates with the rarity/cost of the prize in real life. Some of my friends have gotten 3DS'!

It's not a scam and it's not rigged. PrizeRebel is able to provide the prizes because you win the prizes with points. And the points are won by filling out surveys or doing tasks for advertising companies and marketing people who want feedback and information and who in exchange sponsor PrizeRebel and enable it to provide the prizes for us, the users. As their FAQ states:

"We have advertisers who are looking for your opinion on new products or simply just to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation you will earn points which you can redeem for online game cards, prizes and MUCH MORE. To see a guide on earning points, go here."

Click here to sign up! That way you are referring me (because I told you about the site) and that means I get some free points!