Sunday, December 1, 2013

Zios Inspired By Incan Mythology

LOL look familiar?

I'm doing a project on the Incas for my AP world history class. The Incas were an ancient South American empire centered in modern-day Peru!

One of their main gods was Viracocha. He was the Creator God. He created the earth, moon, stars, planets, and people. He is associated with creation/civilization.

The fact that Animal Jam based Jamaa's central mythological figure off of Andean legends provides great context info. It might help us to see what other civilizations served as inspiration for Jamaasian culture!

Can you think of any?


  1. Replies
    1. I know right. Haha. Of anywhere to learn it -- doing an AP project. >.<

  2. Wow, awesome observation. I did a long project about Peru not to long ago. It's a really awesome place.

  3. That is so strange! I myself think that Zios is not a god.... it is weird that they modeld it after something from the incas.

  4. it's yet another reason for Temple of Zios to be the center of Jamaa! You know, it was originally going to be, but they changed it. I'll list the reasons it could have been... first, this! Temple of Zios is most definitely Aztec/Maya type ruins... second, the word, Jamaa. It sounds either jungle or like a safari type place. third... Zios! its the lost temple of ZIOS, and Zios is an important figure in Jamaa. And... phantoms. there are no phantoms in the Township. but if you go beside the big building here, you can see falling phantoms and, I think, hear them too. so Temple of Zios would have been a great place to start off. Still... I like that place, and I would hate to see it ruined by the scammers, fighting, and dancing all day waiting for trades that goes on in the Township...