Sunday, February 22, 2015

Safe Chat

How can I get Safe Chat for my player account?

AJHQ requires parents to provide verified consent for their children to use various interactive features within Animal Jam, including Safe Chat.

This consent can be given either during a purchase of an Animal Jam membership with a credit card,
or by contacting Animal Jam Support HQ at

Safe chat is currently reserved for player accounts with an Animal Jam membership. Your parents can find out more about the different types of chat and how to change them by clicking here.


I'm not sure about the second paragraph. AJ mentions that parental consent can be given either by buying a membership OR emailing AJHQ support... But then they totally contradict paragraph 2 in paragraph 3 by saying that safe chat is reserved for player accounts with a membership.

I'm not sure whether email consent still works (as opposed to buying a membership), but if you guys don't want to buy a membership just to get a privilege you always had until AJ took it away from you, I'd try having your parent email AJHQ to give parental consent for safe chat.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Interesting Article about Play Wild (AJ's mobile app)

LOL. Notice how Mt. Shiveer is now called Mountain Shiveer

As most of you know, AJ has an Android app called "Play Wild." I'm not going to delve into the specifics, but here is an article that talks about what AJ plans to do with Play Wild in the future...

What do you guys think about AJ's plan to add in-app purchases to Play Wild? I don't have a problem with it, as long as the game is still enjoyable and AJ doesn't hassle players to buy in-game items.

OMG! Interesting fact. Apparently, Animal Jam's nearest rival is Disney's Club Penguin and the main reason they created Play Wild is to surpass CP!!! And apparently AJ is catching up to it!

- Play Wild will launch with 6 or 7 animal species to choose from, a couple of which will be free. WildWorks (Smart Bomb Interactive) will then add more every few weeks.
- Animals will probably cost $1.99
- You can send the in-game animals you're not currently using on missions, which will earn you premium currency to use in game.
- You can buy new dens and other customizable items with this premium currency
- Even free users can use premium currency, but it's going to be a lot quicker to earn if you own multiple animal species
- All the minigames and the social and educational features of Play Wild will stay free for everyone.
- National Geographic videos will also be available on mobile, but in full-screen
- WildWorks will make sure that every current player on the online version of AJ will have a place reserved for them on the mobile version. They will have their username from online AJ saved for their own use on the mobile version
Crystal Sands

AJHQ in Action - Thanks for all the support! NOT

Wow. Take a look at this. Some support. It's like they don't even care and don't even read your responses! Not that that's surprising, but still.
XD she basically stated the obvious and didn't help at all. "Dear Jammer, some words and phrases are blocked by our chat filter." Duh. That's why I sent you a support ticket, to get them unblocked!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Den Teleporters

I think it would be cool if we could have den teleporters for our OWN dens. Like you could put a teleporter in that allows people to teleport to another one of your dens.

Just an idea.

This is similar to castle teleporters in Wizard101, one of my favorite games.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brady Barr's Chemistry Set No Longer Changes Colors

Wow... When you create Brady Barr's secret chemistry formula, it no longer changes colors...
So AJ has time to get rid of cool stuff like a formula that changes colors but DOESN'T have time to fix glitches and send non-canned AJ support responses????

Get your priorties straight, AJ! :O

UPDATE: My bad. I forgot you have to use the last test tube. >.<


1. AJ's first birthday

2. When oceans and ocean animals were first introduced to Jamaa

3. Brady Barr's vids and Sarepia Theater's vids

4. The "shamans" (now called the alphas)

5. Animal Jam lore. Recently, AJ has become a lot less about science and Jamaasian culture. Now it's all about diamonds, memberships, rares, scamming, headdresses, spikes, etc

That's all I can think of right now. But AJ really has changed. And I don't think it's changed for the better. There are some things I really like, like adventures, Brady Barr, and Tierney Thys. There are other things I hate, like diamonds, the widening gap between members and non-members, the CRAZY STRICT chat filter that won't let you say more than one sentence at a time, the inability of new non-members to send gifts, the inability of non-members to have safe chat, the end of monthly member gifts, the REINTRODUCTION of old monthly member gifts that AJHQ promised they'd never bring back, and the dumb robot-responses from AJHQ support. (All except Joe, an AJ support guy. He's on my nostalgia list, too, because modern AJ is lacking in good support workers like Joe.)

I also am not a fan of the overuse of emotes, !!!!!!!, ??????, and excessive capitalization of words in the Jamaa Journal and The Daily Explorer. I feel like AJ is becoming more and more geared towards really young kids. I mean, did you hear Peck's voice in the AJ create a new account tutorial? Yikes.

P.S. Here are some responses from Joe, the AJHQ worker, so you can see what I mean when I say AJ is currently lacking in great support workers like Joe.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby sloths being potty-trained

Too cute. I really had to share this.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big Rant - Necessary AJ Improvements

Here is a list of stuff that irritates me:

1. Non-members can't open gifts that are sent to them (this has always been true, but it still sucks).

2. Non-members can't SEND gifts. What the frig, AJHQ. Now you're TAKING AWAY THE FEW PRIVILEGES THAT NON-MEMBERS HAD?!!! That's just sad.

3. Non-members can't wash their pets at the Pet Wash, even though they can have 3 pets. Non-members also can't accessorize their pets at the Pet Stop.

4. Jam-A-Gram messages are so limited in the words you can use. I can't say "sorry," "membership," "but," "would," "should," "half," "long" (I haven't been on AJ in so long), "but" (which is probably the most commonly used conjunction in the English language). You get the idea. I can't even say a person's username. GOOD GRIEF. You can't even use two periods in a sentence. WHAT?!! Is AJHQ trying to promote run-on sentences and bad punctuation??? What the heck was wrong with using two sentences in a row? And what was wrong with using a period and an emoticon in the same sentence? If AJHQ can give me a valid reason for making all these stupid changes to chat, then I'm a monkey's uncle.

5. Animal Jam chat blocks almost everything, including, as Mel pointed out on her blog, the former name of the company that runs AJ - Smart Bomb Interactive. This is so sad it's funny.

6. Now you have to buy new animals and new pets WITH FREAKING DIAMONDS. No way. Rip off.

7. You have to buy a membership AND buy diamonds (or wait for like 10 weeks). That's twice the expense as before. And most diamond items are members only, so if you have like 30 diamonds on a non-member, guess what?!! You can't use them!! How awesome is that?!!

8. Animal Jam brought back MONTHLY MEMBER GIFTS, which they said would never be brought back. They also brought back some Rare Item Monday's, which they also said would never be brought back.

9. There is not enough clothing inventory space. 200 clothing items? Really??!!!

10. There is not enough den music space. I want more music and I have no room to buy any more.

11. These dumb tiger silhouettes make it so I can't see my friends' animals, pets, achievements, den, or anything!!! Also, many of my active friends who I saw in the past DAY show up as silhouettes so I can't see their animals or even go to their dens. Even when I search their name in the username search bar, they still show up as silhouettes. When I try to set a friend's name for a den teleporter, I can't do it if they are a tiger silhouette! And like I said, many of my friends show up as tigers even if they were just on that very day!!!

12. Animal Jam took the game achievements list off their help page. Now they have literally none of their old articles which were very helpful and informative.

13. When you turn off buddy requests, you still get them by Jam-A-Gram.

14. In addition to the inability of non-members to send (and receive) gifts, the fact that AJ took chat history away from non-members is preposterous and just not okay. The gap between members and non-members is large enough without STRIPPING NON-MEMBERS of the things they always had.

15. The fact that new players who are non-members can't have safe chat, whereas before they could.

16. The fact that AJHQ hasn't added a map icon that allows you to see where all the mini-games are and click on the mini-game icon to travel there. (Like the shop icons or the video icons they have)

17. The fact that you can't say "scammer." I understand people have come up with new words that mean the same thing (scaling, scanning, etc.) but WHAT THE FRIG AJ?!! What kind of brilliant idea was this, making it so people who are scammed can't even tell people they were scammed??? AJ bewilders me.

18. BUDDY LIST SIZE SUCKS. 100 buddies? AJ is about 5 years old and we can STILL only have 100 buddies? How hard would it be to make the buddy list 250 buddies? It would take about 5 seconds to do, but noooooo. Of course not. AJ would never dream of being reasonable.

19. Animal Jam has become more and more geared toward younger kids. The excessive overuse of emotes, random capitalization of almost every word, !!!!!!!!!!, and ??????? all over The Daily Explorer, and the constant messages from AJHQ talking about "the luck o' the Irish" and other stuff that's old news gets really annoying.

20. AJ won't stop pestering non-members about getting a membership. AJ said they'd never advertise, but technically this is advertising. Non-members don't need a Jam-A-Gram every month saying they should get a membership.

21. The alphas. They are so ugly!!! They don't even look like animals any more!! They used to be awesome and realistic looking but now they look like trash. Way too plasticky. Liza looks fake and Peck's voice is very annoying. I miss the shamans and their old animation style. The alphas look disgusting now.

22. The Pet Stop. I know we've had it for a really long time, but I miss the old pet system where rare pet features were actually RARE and hard to get and so pets were a lot more meaningful and special. I spent probably around 100,000 gems getting all my pets with the features I wanted... And then AJ brought the Pet Stop... WOW.

23. And lastly, AJ still hasn't made an option to turn off the sound you hear when people change animals. Either they should give us that option or get rid of the sound entirely. It is SO ANNOYING. Who cares if the person next to me is changing from a bunny to an owl?!! I sure don't!

And that's all, folks. Don't get me wrong, AJ is awesome and in some ways has improved a great deal and gotten even more fun. I love the minigames, the graphics, the adventures, the music, and the storyline. But some things really bug me and are just plain unfair. AJ is becoming more and more like Club Penguin by the day.