Friday, February 20, 2015

Interesting Article about Play Wild (AJ's mobile app)

LOL. Notice how Mt. Shiveer is now called Mountain Shiveer

As most of you know, AJ has an Android app called "Play Wild." I'm not going to delve into the specifics, but here is an article that talks about what AJ plans to do with Play Wild in the future...

What do you guys think about AJ's plan to add in-app purchases to Play Wild? I don't have a problem with it, as long as the game is still enjoyable and AJ doesn't hassle players to buy in-game items.

OMG! Interesting fact. Apparently, Animal Jam's nearest rival is Disney's Club Penguin and the main reason they created Play Wild is to surpass CP!!! And apparently AJ is catching up to it!

- Play Wild will launch with 6 or 7 animal species to choose from, a couple of which will be free. WildWorks (Smart Bomb Interactive) will then add more every few weeks.
- Animals will probably cost $1.99
- You can send the in-game animals you're not currently using on missions, which will earn you premium currency to use in game.
- You can buy new dens and other customizable items with this premium currency
- Even free users can use premium currency, but it's going to be a lot quicker to earn if you own multiple animal species
- All the minigames and the social and educational features of Play Wild will stay free for everyone.
- National Geographic videos will also be available on mobile, but in full-screen
- WildWorks will make sure that every current player on the online version of AJ will have a place reserved for them on the mobile version. They will have their username from online AJ saved for their own use on the mobile version
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  1. Ya! Too bad the app is CRAZY huge (takes up like 300MB), keeps crashing, and won't transfer to an SD card. I hope once the real app is released, it won't be so dang big and will be transferable.

    1. Yikes! 300 MB? I don't know if my iPod could handle that. o.o

    2. it doesnt lag on my tablet

  2. Wowwwwwww, im wondering when we can use our Normal AJ accounts on play wild, if we will have the items we have on AJ

  3. Wowwwwwww, im wondering when we can use our Normal AJ accounts on play wild, if we will have the items we have on AJ

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