Tuesday, February 17, 2015


1. AJ's first birthday

2. When oceans and ocean animals were first introduced to Jamaa

3. Brady Barr's vids and Sarepia Theater's vids

4. The "shamans" (now called the alphas)

5. Animal Jam lore. Recently, AJ has become a lot less about science and Jamaasian culture. Now it's all about diamonds, memberships, rares, scamming, headdresses, spikes, etc

That's all I can think of right now. But AJ really has changed. And I don't think it's changed for the better. There are some things I really like, like adventures, Brady Barr, and Tierney Thys. There are other things I hate, like diamonds, the widening gap between members and non-members, the CRAZY STRICT chat filter that won't let you say more than one sentence at a time, the inability of new non-members to send gifts, the inability of non-members to have safe chat, the end of monthly member gifts, the REINTRODUCTION of old monthly member gifts that AJHQ promised they'd never bring back, and the dumb robot-responses from AJHQ support. (All except Joe, an AJ support guy. He's on my nostalgia list, too, because modern AJ is lacking in good support workers like Joe.)

I also am not a fan of the overuse of emotes, !!!!!!!, ??????, and excessive capitalization of words in the Jamaa Journal and The Daily Explorer. I feel like AJ is becoming more and more geared towards really young kids. I mean, did you hear Peck's voice in the AJ create a new account tutorial? Yikes.

P.S. Here are some responses from Joe, the AJHQ worker, so you can see what I mean when I say AJ is currently lacking in great support workers like Joe.


  1. I remember when rhinos first came out. I joined right after elephants were released and I was so excited for a new animal

    1. I remember oceans and 1st birthday!
      I joined right after elephants, too! (I had an earlier account before Sheesh4.)
      I think I joined in June on this other account, but on Sheesh4 I joined in July.

  2. That bugs me too! The DE authors need to be a bit more calm, relaxed, and organized with their posts. Sometimes I even think the authors are high on coffee, or even worse, drunk. o.0

    1. It's also funny when you say AJ is becoming geared towards little kids, because a lot of the players are actually teenagers.

    2. XD I totally agree.
      I'm a teenager too. In fact, I'm almost 18 and I still play... :P