Sunday, February 22, 2015

Safe Chat

How can I get Safe Chat for my player account?

AJHQ requires parents to provide verified consent for their children to use various interactive features within Animal Jam, including Safe Chat.

This consent can be given either during a purchase of an Animal Jam membership with a credit card,
or by contacting Animal Jam Support HQ at

Safe chat is currently reserved for player accounts with an Animal Jam membership. Your parents can find out more about the different types of chat and how to change them by clicking here.


I'm not sure about the second paragraph. AJ mentions that parental consent can be given either by buying a membership OR emailing AJHQ support... But then they totally contradict paragraph 2 in paragraph 3 by saying that safe chat is reserved for player accounts with a membership.

I'm not sure whether email consent still works (as opposed to buying a membership), but if you guys don't want to buy a membership just to get a privilege you always had until AJ took it away from you, I'd try having your parent email AJHQ to give parental consent for safe chat.


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's really amazing! I hope to see more posts from you :)

    1. Hi! Thanks! I quit blogging for awhile but now I'm back to posting here and there. I don't post daily, nor do I stick to a posting schedule. I just post when I have something to say XD. Glad you like the blog! :)