Saturday, March 7, 2015

Grow up, AJHQ

My god... Grow UP AJHQ. These POSTS... They just KEEP getting worse AND worse. And NO, JAMAA is NOT full of LUCK lately?!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Got Scammed by CandyKat5607

CandyKat5607 scammed me today. She sent me a Jam-A-Gram telling me to come to my den. Then she said she needed my purple New Year's Party Hat and Epic Penguin Plushie for a picture she was taking. She said she'd give them back in one minute and I trusted her because we'd been friends for a while and I thought she was awesome, funny, and cool. I sent her the items and then she immediately locked her den and unbuddied me.

I was so shocked when I saw the message "this jammer's den has been locked" and was booted to Jamaa Township because I really trusted Candy to return my items once she was finished taking the supposed "pic." She said she'd give my items back in less then a minute and I told her to promise to do this and she promised.

Now, this is nothing new. I've been scammed before (all involving Jam-A-Grams and conspiracies), and I'll admit there were some early warning signs that I didn't heed. It was suspicious that she asked for my purple party hat because I'd changed my animal (it had been an owl) to my penguin that was wearing the purple party hat when I got to her den and saw that she was a penguin. Before I was in her den, I had been an owl. So the fact that she asked for the party hat once she saw it on my penguin was suspicious... but I trusted her as a friend and so I sent both items - the epic penguin plushie and the party hat.

It's not like I've never been scammed before and know it's not smart to send your items to anyone unless you can trust them. I thought I could trust her, but I was wrong... This was the first time I've been scammed in about 2 years. Even when I joined AJ for the first time, I knew what scamming was and knew when people were trying to scam me... But for some reason, I wanted to be a good friend today (I try to do that every day, but that's not the point) and so I sent her the items so she could use them for a short period to take a picture... I regret doing that now...

Thank god I have great, amazing, supportive friends who helped me out today. Some of them sent me items and others just lent a kind, supportive ear to hear what happened. Thank you guys so much: DoomyPanda, Balaur, Nafaria9, and Shimmers. You are true friends and I am so lucky to have you guys.

I am definitely not the only one to get scammed by Candy. A while ago, a person named Westernspirit came to my den (where Candy and I were hanging out - we were buddies then) to chase Candy down after she scammed her at a trading party in someone's den. I didn't know who to believe, to tell you the truth, but I was more than willing to hear Westernspirit's story. She said that Candy stole her fox hat by doing a trust trade... Now, I'll admit trust trades are a little different than just sending a person your items because they're your friend and you think they'll give them back after they take a pic, but trust trading is nevertheless horrible. So yeah. Another jammer had their long black spike collar scammed by Candy. And there are still other people Candy has scammed as well... If you see this "jammer" (more like "scammer") around, beware. What's even worse is that she fakes being a good, funny friend! It's easier to avoid and be wary of jammers who are obvious scammers, but people who stab you in the back after they feign friendship are the ones you need to be really careful of. If she's on your buddy list, I wouldn't delete her necessarily, but just know that she DOES scam, even if she seems awesome!

I only bothered reporting her once (because AJ doesn't care about people who get scammed and they never help anyone out) and I only sent Candy two Jam-A-Grams after the incident, just saying how I couldn't believe she'd do something like that and I thought we were friends. As I expected, I received no response from her. I also noticed that she happened to be wearing a purple party hat that she hadn't been wearing before. Gee, I wonder where she got that?!!
It's so ironic how we just had the Friendship Festival and are now having the Lucky Day Party, yet scamming is still going on, strong as ever.

I guess the lesson here is that ANYONE can scam you, even people who you think are your friends. The other lesson is that there are some really great, awesome jammers out there who provide help and support for people who have been scammed. We need more people like them and less scammers.