Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Random post - I play AJ again (for now)

I know this blog is practically dead, with the random user visiting maybe once a day, but I just wanted to post this lol. I renewed my Animal Jam membership two days ago. I played AJ from July 2011-June 2013. Then I returned from February-March 2015. I didn't play again until January 2018.

Did you guys notice that almost every single one of my ideas was incorporated into AJ years later? Click the centered large title text for the link to each post I'm referencing.

1. Video controls such as pausing and fast forwarding.
I've always wanted Animal Jam to incorporate the pausing, playing, stopping, rewinding and fast forwarding features into their videos but was reminded of this wish today while I was watching the new ocelot video. So yeah. Basically it would be very nice if we could pause and all that other stuff when we're watching videos. That way we don't have to start the video all over if we miss something and if we need to go do something we can start where we left off.

5. We should be able to host parties. Like real ones. With themes.
We would buy decorations and party games that we could play. Playing the party games would give Jammers gems and maybe even some exclusive items you could only get by playing party games. There would be a list of people who were hosting parties and you could click on a party to go there. You could even earn achievemnts from attending parties, hosting parties and playing party games!

-Game this idea is from: Pixie Hollow

6. We should be able to preview how clothing, accessories and den items (including wallpapers and flooring) look without buying them.
Like there should be a "Model" or "Preview" button or something where you could see what an item looks like on your animal and you could even wear it around and run with it to see how it looked when you moved. That would eliminate disappoint from Jammers who thought an item looked cool but in reality ended up looking horrible on their animals. We could preview what den items, wallpapers and flooring look like in our dens, too without having to buy them.
-Game this idea is from: Pixie Hollow

9. We should be able to switch servers without logging out of Animal Jam.
Self explanatory.
-Game this idea is from: Pixie Hollow

10. We should be able to choose whether or not we get buddy requests.
Even if our list is not full, if we don't want any friend requests we should be able to turn them off. I know that myself and others just want to have a peaceful and relaxing time on Animal Jam without being bombarded with buddy requests from strangers. Not only that, it's extremely annoying when you're playing a game and under a lot of stress while playing, or doing a really good job and about to beat your score when a buddy request pops up causing you to mess up. It is very frustrating and annoying, and having the ability to turn buddy requests off would remove that annoyance.

15. We should have a "bulletin board" or something like that in our dens that we could update with information and artwork and friends could post messages on.
The notes, of course, would still have to go through a safety filter which would prevent inappropriate or personal information from being shared. You could even display your artwork on your bulletin board. It could be rated by Jammers, too! The artwork would first have to be reviewed by Animal Jam to make sure it was appropriate, of course. Friends wouldn't be able to post their artwork on your bulletin board but they could messages. You could have the option to review a friend's message before it was posted or to not make it so messages had to be reviewed. This would come in handy if you were going on vacation or if you ran a club/group and wanted to post a notice. Or you could post times for parties and other events. Bulletin boards would come in great handy!

  • 9. There is not enough clothing inventory space. 200 clothing items? Really??!!!
  • 6. The fact that AJHQ hasn't added a map icon that allows you to see where all the mini-games are and click on the mini-game icon to travel there. (Like the shop icons or the video icons they have)
  • 17. The fact that you can't say "scammer." I understand people have come up with new words that mean the same thing (scaling, scanning, etc.) but WHAT THE FRIG AJ?!! What kind of brilliant idea was this, making it so people who are scammed can't even tell people they were scammed??? AJ bewilders me.
  • 18. BUDDY LIST SIZE SUCKS. 100 buddies? AJ is about 5 years old and we can STILL only have 100 buddies? How hard would it be to make the buddy list 250 buddies? It would take about 5 seconds to do, but noooooo. Of course not. AJ would never dream of being reasonable.

Clothing/Den Inventory Space
We're only allowed to have 100 land clothing items, 100 water clothing items, and 200 den items? Lame... Some people have been playing Animal Jam since beta, which was during the summer of 2010. That's about 2 years. Club Penguin has no inventory limits... This is just horrible. And once each of your three inventories has been filled, you can't accept trades that have item(s) in that inventory category (land clothing, water clothing, or den items) even if you like them a lot! I've had a glitch happen to me where I clicked yes to a trade even though it had one extra den item that I wouldn't have had room for (giving me 201 den items) and it let me accept the trade, but that rarely ever happens. If we have to have inventory limits they should at least make them reasonable! Sometimes Animal Jam amazes me... And not in a good way.
Larger Buddy List
100 buddies is a despicable limit. I constantly have to delete buddies or decline buddy requests because of the amount of buddy spaces we have to work with. And I hate declining requests and telling people: "Sorry, but my buddy list is full so I can't add you." I feel like a jerk or a snob but I'm not trying to be stuck-up. People may think I don't add them because they think I'm one of those rare, mean people but I'm the exact opposite and I'd accept every buddy request in a snap if I could. I want to apologize to anyone who has sent me a buddy request but it has been declined. It's not you, it's not me. It's Animal Jam.