Please note that codes expire (which means they don't work anymore, and if you enter them they won't give you anything), and I will update this list of codes accordingly as new ones come and old ones go. Codes sometimes are not always activated right when they come out (as explained below) so don't fret.* Also, in case you didn't know this, codes are for members and non-members alike. There has never been a members-only code or a non-members-only code.

Codes will/have give(n) you:
•1,000 Gems
•500 Gems
•100 Gems

•1 diamond
•On special occasions, a non-member den item (such as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th AJ birthday cakes)

Codes so far do/have NOT give(n) you:
•Any non-member/member clothing item
•Any member den item
•Any amount of Gems other than 1,000, 500, or 100

•Anything else that wasn't mentioned on the above list of things that codes will give you

Don't listen to the people who tell you that they will give you a code that will unlock a non-member glove (or any other rare things, like a spike, for example) for your account if you send/trade them rares. This is not true, and they are lying to you. There has never been a code that unlocked clothing items, although there may be in the future. *Sometimes codes are not activated yet and no matter how many times you try to enter them, and double-check that your username, password, and the code are exact and precise, it still won't work. Keep in mind that codes aren't necessarily activated when they are published in your National Geographic Kids magazine, and it may sometimes take Animal Jam a day or two to make the code from the magazine legit, even if they have already released the magazine with the code(s).

So, without further ado, here are the current working codes for Animal Jam!

outback (500 gems)
twelve (1 diamond)
explorer (100 gems)
ajbday4 (4th Birthday Cake)
adventure (500 gems)
ngk2015 (1,000 gems)
winter (500 gems)
pets (500 gems)
To use a code all you have to do is enter it when you log onto Animal Jam. (You must be logged off of your account to use a code.) Codes are not case sensitive, so don't worry.
•Type your Animal Jam username in the Username box
•Type your Animal Jam password in the Password box
•Click the small box next to "I Have a Code to Enter!" and type the  code in the code box that pops up. (Keep in mind that codes are NOT case sensitive. This means that whether you type the code in capitals, lowercase, or even a mixture of the two, it doesn't matter and Animal Jam will still accept the code. However, codes are spelling-sensitive, meaning you must spell the code correctly.)

•You'll be logged into Animal Jam like normal. Select a server and wait for Animal Jam to load. A gift icon will pop up. Click the gift and it will open up. The little caption will tell you the amount of gems the code unlocked or what the gift is called if it happened to be an item code. The picture above the caption will show you what the gift looks like.

Animal Jam has changed how entering codes works so instead of the normal message that used to pop up that said the code was either already used by the account you were trying to enter it on or didn't work, they now let you log in and there is no announcement if the code has been used or doesn't work. If the code does work, the usual gift icon will pop up. And if it doesn't the gift icon won't pop up.

Reasons a code doesn't work:
•The code has not been activated by AJHQ yet
•The code has expired
•You've already successfully used the code on the account you're trying to use it on. (Codes can only be used once per account)
•The code never existed in the first place
•You spelled the code incorrectly